Bear’s blueberry flapjack recipe

blueberry flapjacks

Is there anything more cosy than a fresh batch of flapjacks? We love making dog-friendly versions of these oaty treats – they’re super simple (and super delicious – we challenge you not to snaffle a few for yourself). You can use pretty much any dog-friendly fruit in these: this time, we’ve gone for office dog … Read more

Pumpkin spice bites recipe

pumpkin spice bites

We’re making the most of the spooky season with pumpkin recipes galore – perfect for using up any leftovers you have once you’re done carving! These pumpkin spiced bites are both dog-friendly and pretty human-friendly, too (just skip the dog treat decoration if you’re having one yourself). They’re packed with yummy pumpkin, peanut butter and … Read more

Pumpkin pie topper recipe

dog-friendly pumpkin pie

Autumn – the best season of the year – is finally here, and with it comes our favourite autumnal vegetable…the pumpkin! From spooky carvings to the perfect pie filling, we love pumpkin – and so do our dogs. Last year was all about the pumpkin spiced latte. This year, we’re bringing you the pumpkin pie … Read more

Dog-friendly doughnut recipe

dog-friendly doughnut recipe

Whether they’re glazed, jam-filled, or piping hot at the funfair, we all love doughnuts. These deep-fried treats are best left to the humans – all that saturated fat and sugar (as delicious as it might be) means doughnuts don’t make a very dog-friendly snack. The good news is: we don’t want our dogs to miss … Read more

Carrot ice-cream recipe

dog-friendly carrot ice cream

It’s no secret – we love carrots, and so do our dogs. These wonderfully crunchy vegetables are packed with nutrients, full of fibre, and low in calories. Meaning they’re the perfect healthy treat for your dog! We’ve already experimented with a dog-friendly carrot cake, and now it’s time to introduce our new favourite dog-friendly ice-cream … Read more

Green cuisine: booster bones recipe

pea and broccoli bones

It’s nearly summer, so with that in mind, we’re bringing you this brilliant veg-packed recipe – perfect for a hot summer’s day! We’ve made it super-simple with just broccoli, peas, and some low-sodium stock, meaning this is a nutrient-rich (and low-calorie) treat for your dog. We recommend serving it as a tasty afternoon snack, or … Read more

Cracking carrot cake recipe

carrot cake

Deliciously crunchy, packed with nutrients, and dog-friendly – we’re talking about everyone’s favourite orange vegetable, the humble carrot. Carrots are the perfect springtime treat for your dog because they’re low calorie and full of fibre. Top tip: if your dog is teething, pop one in the fridge or freezer for an hour to help soothe … Read more

Carob Kisses recipe

Carob kisses

Spring has sprung – which means Easter (and a week of chocolate for us humans) is just around the corner.  As chocolate is a big no-no for our dogs – it’s toxic – we’ve come up with the perfect recipe to try instead. These Carob Kisses might look and taste like chocolate – but they’re … Read more

Dog-friendly Jammie Dodger recipe

Dog-friendly Jammie Dodger recipe

There’s nothing more welcoming (and nostalgic!) than a Jammie Dodger in our minds. Gooey red jam sandwiched between two perfect biscuit rounds, a sprinkling of sugar and they’re the perfect treat to have with a cuppa.  Now with this recipe your dog can enjoy their own dog-friendly version! We’ve used fresh strawberries here instead of … Read more