A family favourite: peanut butter and banana ice cream

Ice cream recipe

It’s a classic combination and a favourite with the tails.com dogs. The nutty peanuts together with sweet banana is a winner – we’ve recommended mashing the two together before – but this time, we’re going to take it to the next level. Banana is a great dog-friendly fruit because it’s packed with vitamins and minerals … Read more

Watermelon: our new favourite ingredient

watermelon freezies recipe

Not only is watermelon one of our favourite summertime fruits, but it has a whole host of other benefits. It’s refreshing, packed with vitamins, and it’s great for keeping hydrated as it has a high water content. And if it couldn’t get any better – it’s suitable for both us humans and dogs alike. So … Read more

Happy birthday pupcakes

Pup cake recipe

Does your dog share a birthday with us this month? We hope so. Let’s celebrate together with a no-bake pupcake. It’s made with dog-friendly peanut butter (which means no xylitol sweetener) and healthy oats, and just needs a little ping in the microwave to get things popping. We admit it, we love frosting ours with … Read more

A summer favourite: chicken and apple pupsicles

chicken and apple pupsicles

No matter what the British summer throws at us, one thing we can all agree on is the joy of an ice lolly. Whether in the park or the garden, they’re a refreshing and tasty treat and a great way to keep cool in the summer months. And who says our dogs can’t enjoy one, … Read more

Time for brunch: a very berry smoothie recipe

Very Berry Smoothie

Weekends call for sleeping in and the laziest meal of the week – brunch. And there’s no reason we can’t share our love of brunch with our dogs. The good news is, there’s plenty of dog-friendly breakfast foods out there, from eggs to fruit. Just don’t forget to make sure it’s fed as part of … Read more

Make your dog their own Easter egg!

Easter eggs for dogs

We’re planning a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt around our homes and gardens this year and wanted to get our pups involved, so we’ve put together this quick and easy recipe for doggy Easter eggs! The smell of you making them will definitely have your dog sniffing out where that delicious scent is coming from … Read more

Whip up some delicious pup pancakes

Dog pancake recipe

We’re planning to tuck into a pancake feast this Pancake Day – so we’ve put together this quick and simple dog-friendly recipe so your dogs can join the fun, too. Our pup pancakes are both gluten-free and grain-free, perfect for dogs (or humans!) who may have wheat allergies. They’re really tasty – as our office … Read more

Orchard Fruit Flapjacks from The Happy Dog Cookbook!

That look on their faces when it’s treat time? Just wait until they’ve tried Sean’s Orchard Fruit Flapjacks from The Happy Dog Cookbook – a collection of 24 healthy, nutritious and tasty recipes, featuring family food expert and dog lover Annabel Karmel.  This is one of our absolute faves – a fruity take on the … Read more

Good Boy Beetroot and Cheese Bone Biscuits from The Happy Dog Cookbook!

Waggy tails ahoy, there’s a tasty new treat in town from The Happy Dog Cookbook. It’s packed full of healthy treats, biscuits, bones and bakes for you to make from the comfort of your kitchen. What’s more, all profits go to animal charity StreetVet. The book’s written by our Head Vet Sean McCormack and features … Read more