It’s all gravy: top tips for fussy dogs

Gravy blog image

It’s the dinner time standoff – we’ve all been there. Your dog staring at you as if to say, “what the hell is this?”. And as the minutes go by, your patience wears thin. Why won’t they eat?! Whether your dog is a notoriously picky eater, or whether they’re just a bit bored – we’ve … Read more

Spinach and bacon biscuits recipe

Spinach and bacon biscuits

We’re keeping this recipe simple for a totally dog-friendly spin on the classic green eggs and ham. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s sure to get tails wagging. First up: spinach. It’s Popeye’s favourite – and one of ours – so we’ve made this superfood the star of the show. A great source of vitamins … Read more

January special: superfood muffins recipe

Superfood muffins from The Happy Dog Cookbook

You can eat them, your dog can eat them – and it’s the perfect recipe for January bakers. The muffins are packed with superfood ingredients to keep joints happy. Salmon is a great source of omega-3 – a natural anti-inflammatory – as well as being full of healthy fats. This recipe combines it with berries … Read more

Beyond borders: How does Brexit affect my dog food delivery? factory

The UK has now left the EU. We wanted to let you know how we’re planning on looking after you and your dog at  Firstly we’d like to say please don’t worry. Over the past year, we’ve been working to make sure we can keep all our deliveries running on time – both in … Read more

10 unlikely superfoods for dogs

When it comes to us humans we love a list of superfoods. We pop chia seeds in breakfast smoothies, crunch on cruciferous veg as part of our 5-a-day – and tell ourselves that a piece or two of dark chocolate is, in fact, a healthy necessity. But what’s a superfood for our dogs? Are they … Read more

A look back on 2020

Head Vet Sean and Bear celebrate the Community Fund

We wanted to celebrate the incredible work our charity partners have done over the last 12 months. In a truly awful year and in the face of a global pandemic, these amazing organisations and initiatives have kept on regardless, against some pretty serious odds – and we’re so proud to support them.  Thank you to … Read more

Premiering now: our new TV ad!

New TV ad campaign

It’s finally here! Introducing our brand new TV ad – and a new look for a new year. We’re so glad to share this with you. We hope you enjoy the new advert – let us know what you think! Filmed in a Covid-secure environment

Healthy treats for your dog this Christmas

Children share a treat with Marnie on Christmas Day

Regardless of 2020’s best efforts to ruin Christmas this year, chances are we’ll still want to make it a lovely day for our dogs.  When it comes to treats, it feels good giving our dogs something delicious to munch on, especially if we’ve made a big fuss about dinner ourselves. To help you stay off … Read more

Has your dog got a festive name?

Zeus with Tyler and Ryan on Christmas morning

Dashing through the snow, Frosty the Snowman…the Holly and the Ivy, Buddy the Elf? Is it starting to sound a bit Christmassy out there? Yes, yes it is. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, so as we’re all putting our dog-friendly Christmas trees up, wearing our very festive Christmas jumpers it got us wondering….how many … Read more guest blog: StreetVet

We’ve been working with charity StreetVet for years and this year more than most, we wanted to give them a voice on our blog to tell you about the amazing work they do. This is co-founder Jade Statt telling us about the impact of 2020 on StreetVet in her own words.  “With COVID-19 taking hold … Read more