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Yumi the Cockapoo sits with his delivery

We know how important transparency is, especially when it comes to feeding your dog. That’s why we want to answer your questions – even the tricky ones. It’s all the things you want to know about; from how our food is made, to how easy it is to cancel your account.  What is tailored … Read more

How to use a LickiMat

Dog enjoys his LickiMat SloMo

Dogs love a LickiMat. It’s such a great way to give them mental stimulation as they eat, a bit like playtime and treat time all in one go.  Having one in your home makes mealtimes more fun for you to make, too – and tasty for your dog with different textures and flavours to lick … Read more

Everything you need to know about owning a Dachshund

Ruby the Sausage Dog looks up at Rosie

Short, sassy, and a big personality – it could only be the Dachshund. These hot dogs are one of the most recognisable breeds on the planet, and it’s not hard to see why. Their short legs and long back are key characteristics of the modern Dachshund – or sausage dog – and it’s this look … Read more

Data Labs: looking at breed popularity

Noodle the Dachshund runs over the fields

This blog was written using stats taken from Data Labs, a project involving Dr Lorna Brightmore (Lead Data Scientist) and Dr Sean McCormack (Head Vet). At we’ve had dogs of all ages and breeds join us over the last 7 years. Over this time, certain breeds have come in and out of popularity … Read more

Let’s talk about: stress in dogs

stress in dogs

Carolyn Menteith is a behaviourist at with over 25 years of experience working with and training dogs. Life can be tough for our dogs. We expect so much from them – in fact being a family dog is the hardest job we ever ask a dog to do.  While working dogs usually live with … Read more

Is playing fetch bad for dogs?

is playing fetch bad for dogs

Human beings love ranking their favourite games. From playground games when were a kid, to different sports that we learn to enjoy growing up. Youtube is full of lists of favourite boardgames, video games and puzzles and we have thousands of options to choose from in each category. Ask most dogs what their top five … Read more

Why do dogs have whiskers?

how do you know if your dog loves you

Sometimes life isn’t fair. For human males, the morning routine often involves have to shave off his face fuzz before going out to meet the day, and it will be back the next day and the next day and the next day… But all dogs (not just the male ones) not only avoid the annoyance … Read more

Do dogs get jealous?

do dogs get jealous

Green is not a natural colour when it comes to dogs. We may have Black Labs, Red Setters, Golden Retrievers and even Greyhounds, but there isn’t anything green. In fact, there’s only a single species of mammal that is naturally green in colour – a type of sloth who moves so slowly that moss grows … Read more

Pancreatitis in dogs

what is dog pancreatitis

As dog owners, our priority is keeping our pets happy and healthy. So when they become unwell, it can be really worrying. Pancreatitis is something that a lot of dogs might suffer from, and whether the symptoms are mild or severe, it’s often something that you’ll need to get vet support to help with. Remember, … Read more

Finding your perfect dog breed

worms in dogs and how to treat them

Carolyn Menteith is a behaviourist at with over 25 years of experience working with and training dogs. With Valentine’s Day almost here, if the endless hearts and flowers on social media are making you will you feel lonely and in need of love, forget eHarmony, or even the endless swiping of Tinder. With … Read more