5 reasons to try tailored dog food

Nutritious, simple, and convenient – at tails.com we love our kibble. Because this isn’t just any kibble. It’s kibble that’s made just for your dog, and your dog only. 

We know every dog is unique so we say – why feed them the same?

 It’s more than breed-specific or neutering status, it’s not just age or size. You could have a short-haired giant senior with Princess-levels of fussiness who knows just when you’re going to the kitchen (even before you do!). Or you could have a teeny goofy, regal puppy in all their needy, messy, gloriousness. A big-brained sofa monster who’ll eat anything and knows more words than your toddler. 

No dog is the same and that’s what we love about them. And it’s why we mix and blend over a million different possible combinations for all our tails.com dogs to feed them just right.

We know tailored nutrition is the very best way to feed your dog – so here’s our round up of 5 tempting reasons to try tailor made dog food.

A unique recipe for every dog

We get to know your dog before recommending their perfect food. You tell us about their age, breed, weight, exercise, health, and favourite flavours – and we’ll tailor the ingredients to give them the very best nutrition with a recipe made just for them.

It’s a complete food that’s nutritionally balanced, made by vets and backed by science.

Portion control

Figuring out the right amount to feed is tricky – we get it. With dog obesity on the rise in the UK, no one needs to over (or under) feed their dogs when you’re with us at tails.com. That’s why we give you a feeding plan that shows you exactly how much your dog needs every day – from kibble and wet food, to treats and yes, even human snacks, too!

Feeding your dog shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, especially if they need a little bit of extra help getting to their perfect weight, And to make mealtimes as easy as possible, we’ll even include a handy scoop.

Food for fusspots (and more)

Some dogs wolf it down in one go, others look at you as if you’re trying to kill them: dogs can be as fussy as we are. Likes salmon, doesn’t like duck. Sensitive digestion, loves chicken…with over a million different combinations on offer – plus a range of delicious, slow-cooked wet food – we’ve got even the most discerning palettes covered. 

If you’ve tried tails.com and your dog’s still not 100% sure, get in touch with our nutrition team, we’re always here to help.

No need to change food

From puppy to senior, your dog’s nutritional needs change as they get older. We’ve taken out the guesswork by carefully adjusting your dog’s food to suit them – so you don’t have to. 

Direct to your door

Last-minute runs to the supermarket are over. Forget running out, and forget having to feed something that’s not quite right. We’ll deliver your dog’s food every month, giving you peace of mind that your dog is always being fed the food that’s right for them.

And with a super easy subscription you’re completely in control: skip a delivery, pop them on pause, or bring it forward. It’s up to you.

You and your dog can experience the benefits of tailor made food now, with 50% off your first box.

6 thoughts on “5 reasons to try tailored dog food”

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  2. Florence has “gone off” her wet food. She eats a little then walks away but generally prefers the beef and tripe food. Could you substitute another for her to try instead of the lamb and turkey. At present I have a surfeit of wet food and would ask that you increase delivery date of the next order by two weeks. Thank you.

    Regards Margaret Parselle

    • Hi Margaret,

      You can change Florence’s wetfood selection and delivery date by logging in to your account.
      If you are having difficulty please reach out to our Customer Support team hello@tails.com

      Many thanks


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