Homemade frozen dog treats

In this heat is your pooch getting a bit hot under the collar? Looking for a simple way to help cool them off? We’ve found our dogs at Tails.com HQ love an ice cold treat to cool down during these hot summer days.

We’ve made a list of our favourite frozen recipes.

Refreshing watermelon dog treats

Can dog’s eat watermelon? Of course they can! Cool your dog down with these tasty and refreshing watermelon treats ???

Frozen homemade dog treats

The recipe is simple, follow these easy steps.

  1. Blend 6-8 slices of watermelon – remember to remove the pips and skin!
  2. Grab an ice cube tray
  3. Pop in a couple of treats to each cube – we’d recommend our Good Dog Treats
  4. Pour in the blended watermelon
  5. Freeze for +6hrs until set

Ruby and Noodle loved theirs!

frozen watermelon treats








We reckon its worth making a batch for yourself too (minus the dog treats of course) – try them in a glass of Pimms, delicious!

Banana & peanut butter frozen smoothie bites

Quick and easy refreshing sweet treats to help your dog to cool down. These frozen smoothie bites use just three ingredients – it couldn’t be simpler.

peanut butter and banana frozen treats

150ml unsweetened almond milk

1tbsp smooth peanut butter (make sure the peanut butter is xylitol and palm oil free – this is really important as xylitol is harmful for dogs – read more here)

1 banana

frozen treats - method

Mix together until the paste is a smoothie consistency, pop in an ice cube tray and freeze for +6hrs until set then let your dog enjoy!

Cooper and Bear loved their frozen smoothie treats!

dogs enjoying homemade frozen treats

We hope your pooches love these recipes as much as our office dogs have ???

Check out part 2 for more delicious frozen treat recipes here

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6 thoughts on “Homemade frozen dog treats”

  1. i always make my dog ice lollies, i freeze a small tuppaware container, filled with water and small chunks of cheese and broken up doggy treats, tip the block out onto the garden when frozen, the dogs lick and lick to get to the treats and at the sametime, keep them cool by licking the ice.

  2. i am going to try out these treats for poppy (greyhound) she loves water melon anyway and ill try the peanut smoothy one also ,because she is black she absorbs the heat so these will be great to cool her down in this heat and i will try it to


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