The Community Fund – meet our first charities

The Community Fund has its first beneficiaries! We launched our charitable fund back in August and since then, we heard from a wide range of charities, all doing incredible work for people and their dogs nationwide. 

Now our first round of funding applications has closed, the winners have been chosen – and we’re delighted to introduce you to Refuge4Pets and Thornberry Animal Sanctuary – the first two charities who will share grants worth £6,000 from the Community Fund.

The Community Fund – why now?

Our vision at is to improve the lives of dogs and their owners. This year, Covid-19 has kept most of us in our homes, and we know there are growing numbers of vulnerable dogs out there that still need feeding, treatment and care. We set up the Community Fund to support these local charities, organisations and shelters and we’ve pledged to donate £25,000 in grants in the first year alone.

Introducing Refuge4Pets

This Devon and Somerset-based charity focuses on helping people and animals escape domestic violence by providing a pet fostering service.

Founder Mary Wakeham comments, “Animals are often the silent victims of domestic violence and abuse, used as part of the pattern of coercion and control. Along with their families, animals are also often threatened, yelled at, beaten, kicked, and, in some cases, killed.”

The work of Refuge4Pets means victims and survivors of domestic violence can leave their situation with their pets – this can often be the difference between them leaving or staying.

Refuge4Pets has a £4,500 grant to help them continue to provide dog beds and equipment to foster carers, safe transport between homes, and to support some vet bills the charity manages. 

…and the amazing Thornberry Animal Sanctuary

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary near Sheffield came to us with just one request: new astroturf please! For their 20 dogs in kennels at any one time it means being able to go outside – even during winter – for exercise, socialising and play. And for the volunteers, this would mean less getting covered in mud cleaning them up. A win-win all round.

We’re giving them a £1,500 grant and we can’t wait to see what an improvement it makes.

How you can help this Christmas 

This year we want every dog to feel like the luckiest dog ever, so 10% from every  Ultimate Christmas Box sold goes straight into the Community Fund. That means for every box you buy, you’re helping us make sure more dogs (and owners) are supported throughout the year.

The Community Fund 2021 and beyond 

We’re opening up the next round of grants in January 2021, so keep an eye on for more info.

9 thoughts on “The Community Fund – meet our first charities”

  1. Glad to see worthwhile charities receiving funds.
    Hope you will give to charities uk wide.
    As I would like to see charities in scotland benefit .

    • Hi Eleanor,

      We did have some applications from Scotland – it was really hard to choose as every one was such a worthy cause! We’re hoping to donate to even more charities when we open the fund again in 2021.


    • Hi Jillian,

      We had a few nominations from our customers – keep an eye on to find out when the next applications are so you can nominate your local charity!


  2. I’m overwhelmed by your humble attitude guys ! What a wonderful thing to do .as someone whos been through domestic violence the REFUGE4PETS sounds an amazing thing to support good work guys stay safe and blessed

  3. Will you please consider Rain Rescue of Rotherham for your charity fund. They are a small but amazing charity rescuing dogs and cats and providing medical care for all in their care. They take dogs from kill kennels and feral cats and kittens as well as pets whose owners are no longer able to care for them. In these current times, with events being on hold they badly need help with vet bills and fuel bills. I am a supporter with a regular donation but much of their funding has dried up.
    Thank you

    • Hi Jean,

      We’re opening up our Community Fund for applications soon – keep an eye out and we look forward to receiving your application.


  4. I’m truly inspired by’s Community Fund initiative! It’s heartwarming to see a company actively supporting charities and making a positive impact in their community. By empowering customers to nominate and vote for their chosen charities, demonstrates a genuine commitment to giving back. Kudos to for setting an example of corporate social responsibility. Well done!”


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