Money saving tips for dog owners

Keeping your dog happy and healthy doesn’t have to cost the earth, but owning a dog can add up.

Food, toys, vet bills, and insurance all cost money – so we’ve teamed up with Savoo (read about them at the link) to bring you our top money saving tips for dog owners. 

Savoo brings you discount codes and exclusive deals – and donates a percentage of every sale to charity. This month, we’re delighted to tell you that they’re giving donations to our charity partner, StreetVet, who do incredible work supporting the homeless population and their pets.

DIY dog toys

One of the best things about owning a dog? They don’t care about labels – or where something came from. See that massive stick from the woods? Amazing. Old bottle. Lovely thanks. 

Dogs are happy to play with anything. From old bottles to cardboard boxes, you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep them happy.

How to make your own bottle 

It’s so easy to DIY a delicious toy your dog will love. 

  • First, remove the label and cap from an old plastic bottle
  • Fill it with some of your dog’s kibble 
  • And a couple of Good Dog Treats

That’s it. You’ve got yourself a super simple enrichment toy that’ll keep your dog occupied for hours. It’s great for mental stimulation – and they get a reward at the end they have to work for. Win win!

Good quality food

Your dog’s food doesn’t have to be expensive – a good quality complete food will keep them happy, healthy, and satisfied at mealtimes. Complete food contains all the macro and micro-nutrients your dog needs. From the right veggies and proteins, to vitamins and minerals, plus any supplements they might need – to look after everything from sensitive tums to ageing bones. 

Giving your dog the right nutrition does more than keep them healthy. It also keeps them healthier for longer (we’ll take cheaper vet bills) and it means you don’t have to waste food, or keep changing it. Easier on your pocket, and much easier on their digestion – read our blog here on how to change your dog’s food here.

Protection for the future

Nobody can predict the future – so let’s talk insurance. Finding one that’s right for you and your dog is key. Insurance is that peace of mind that can help with vet bills, if your dog gets in an accident or gets ill – so research online and choose one that gives you the cover you’re happy with – don’t forget to read the smallprint!  

Join your local community

It costs nothing to go local and get social. Facebook has a whole range of groups you can join – including local walking groups, fellow dog owners, and even breed-specific communities. If there’s something you’re not sure about, or just want a walking buddy for you and your dog, there’s plenty out there that’s free of charge.

Gumtree, Shpock and Facebook Marketplace

You could spend hundreds (even thousands!) on bowls, beds, crates, and other dog paraphernalia. Check out what’s being offered locally on sites like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. From the crate their dog has grown out of, to an unwanted gift – you’ll find plenty being given away for free or for a fraction of the price.

We’d love to hear your top tips on saving money as a dog-owner – leave them in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Money saving tips for dog owners”

  1. Personally, i have made some toys myself. But also started to invest in some proper longer-lasting product. Lige e.g. dog bed. They like to play around a lot, growing up. And new stuff all the time is costly.

  2. when a young puppy i always put a blanket in a cardboard box with the front cut out. when pup has stopped teething, and chewing stuff, i then got the proper bed, knowing it would not get destroyed.

  3. We have grown up children but have bought children’s toys from charity shops for our dog as they have to be robust / safe enough for children. They are colourful cute long-lasting and washable.


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