All the nutrients your dog needs

You've got dry food, wet food and treats for the month, every month when you choose a subscription to Backed by the knowledge that every ingredient does the job it's meant to - supporting, nourishing, and energising our dogs.

Perfect portion scoop serving the right portion of kibble

Serve the right portion

We're experts in dog nutrition, but you know your dog best. We'll support you with portion recommendations based on their ideal weight, a feeding plan and a scoop that comes in your first box. Whether you're sticking to kibble or feeding your dog a mix, we'll adjust their recipe and portion size as they age, so you'll always be feeding them right.

A unique recipe of dog food

Let's start with your dog's unique recipe

Kibble is made with natural ingredients we source from the UK and Europe. We love kibble, because it does so much for your dog. It's a complete food, keeps them fuller for longer, they have better poo, and it even helps keep their teeth clean. We pack our kibble with supplements and vitamins that boost your dog's coat, digestion, joints and coat. And we keep it free from common trigger allergens too. So long soya and lactose.

Dry food

Slow-cooked wet food in a bowl

Slow-cooked wet food

Wet food adds variety, texture, and an extra layer of tastiness. We make ours from delicious beef, lamb and chicken, or fish favourites like salmon or cod, add vegetables and lots of gravy. Choose from hearty casseroles, stews, pates and terrines.

Wet food

Zeus with a dental daily chew

Try our treats and chews too

We make your dog's treats tasty and healthy. Developed by vets and nutritionists to form part of your dog's overall diet, we use irresistible ingredients like duck, pork, and salmon.


Purdy enjoying his unique recipe of dog food

Getting it right for your dog

Some dogs are fussy and like to spend time judging you on their new food before they eat it. Others wolf everything down in one go. We're here to help you support your dog best, so we'll always change the recipe for free if you're having trouble making the switch to tails.