Tasty dog food, just for them

All the food your dog needs

With you can feed your dog how you want to. Get their unique recipe of dry food just right - then mix in delicious slow-cooked wet food for variety and extra tastiness. Add in treats and chews, and you've got all the food your dog needs for the month, sorted.

Perfect portion scoop serving the right portion of kibble

Serve the right portion

Help your dog hit their ideal weight for good - with portion recommendations and our handy scoop. Whether you're sticking to kibble or feeding your dog a mix of wet food and dry, you'll always know how much food to put in the bowl. And we'll adjust their recipe and portion size as they age, so you never need to worry about it.

A unique recipe of dog food

A unique recipe of dry food, just for your dog

Our dry food will give your dog the right blend of fibre, protein, fats and nutrients they need to be happy and healthy. Just tell us about your dog - breed, age, health, activity levels and more - and our algorithm will create a unique recipe just for them.

Dry food

Slow-cooked wet food in a bowl

Slow-cooked wet food

Add variety, texture, and extra tastiness with our wet dog food recipes. Choose from hearty casseroles, stews, pates and more - all made with delicious meat, veggies, and lots of gravy.

Wet food

Zeus with a dental daily chew

Try our treats and chews too

Exceptionally tasty treats for dogs - made with irresistible ingredients like duck, pork, and salmon. Developed by vets and nutritionists, and all part of your dog's diet.


Purdy enjoying his unique recipe of dog food

Get their unique dog food recipe just right

Most dogs absolutely love their unique recipe first time. For those that don't, we'll change the recipe for free, and together we'll create food your dog loves.