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Tailor-made kibble blend

An icon of dry dog food

Delicious wet food

An icon of a wet food tray

Tasty treats and dental chews

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A bowl of raw ingredients - protein, vegetables, wholegrains, vitamins and minerals

High quality ingredients

All of our ingredients are high quality, nutritious and ethically sourced - see what goes into our food.

What's on the menu

A bowl of dry food with ingredients surrounding it

Tailor-made kibble

We’re like a personal chef for your dog. That’s right, your dog gets their own unique kibble recipe - tell us all about them to find out what ingredients we recommend.

A bowl of delicious wet food

Wet food

Watch out for the dog-bowl-dash because our wet food really gets those wet noses twitching. It’s perfect as a topper for kibble, adding mouth-watering new smells and textures to their meal.

Tasty treats

Treats and chews

‘Healthy’ and ‘treats’ don’t go together very often, but that’s exactly what you get here. Use them as a guilt-free way to reward your dog, or as a handy training tool.

A packet of Dental Dailies dental chews

Dental chews

These playful chews keep your dog entertained while supporting healthy teeth and gums. A great way to keep on top of dog breath too, so you can always enjoy cuddle time.

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