Can dogs eat pasta?

To many, the idea of feeding pasta to a dog might seem a little strange, but we’re not talking about taking your dog out for a Carbonara (though most dogs would thoroughly enjoy this regardless of whether or not it’s good for them). So today, we’re going to talk you through whether you should give your dog pasta – and how to keep it dog-friendly.

What nutritional value does it have?

Fresh pasta is an incredibly simple thing to make and contains some natural ingredients that are dog-friendly. Eggs contain plenty of protein, while the flour has some healthy carbohydrates to help give your dog some long-term energy. Just keep in mind that pasta is calorie dense, so it’s good to feed in moderation. The next time you cook up some pasta for yourself, as long as it’s within your dog’s calorie count, why don’t you cook a little extra and share it with them?

It’s important to remember we’re talking about plain pasta here. It’s not worth risking feeding your dog pasta that’s been cooked in a sauce as, while they’ll find it very tasty, a lot of ingredients can go into those sauces including onions and garlic, and these are not very good for your dog’s digestion, so to be safe, stick to plain boiled pasta – they’ll still love it.

Can I get dog food with pasta in it?

As a matter of fact, at, we’ve developed two delicious recipes for dogs that incorporate pasta. These include our Hearty Casserole with beef, pasta and carrots, and our Rich Terrine with beef, pasta and peppers. You can find both of these recipes and many more in our slow-cooked wet food selection – a range that will delight any dog.

Anything else to consider?

While pasta is a treat for most dogs, a few pups with sensitive tummies have an issue with wheat and gluten. This can present as loose stools, itching and dermatitis, diarrhoea and weight loss and if you suspect your dog or puppy is having issues with gluten, stop feeding them pasta (or any other gluten-infused products) straight away and consult your vet. We also have a range of dog foods for pets with sensitive stomachs that will keep your dog feeling much happier. You’ll just have to put up with those doleful eyes whenever you sit down to a Spaghetti Bolognese and know you’re not sharing for your puppy’s own good.

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