Why do my dog’s eyes water?

When we see our pet pooch’s eyes watering, it’s a natural thing to be worried as we’d associate that sort of thing with crying and that’s something we do when we’re upset or injured. Thankfully though, when a dog has watery eyes, it doesn’t mean that anything has hurt them, but there are plenty of reasons why this could happen. Let’s find out what they are.


If you’ve ever woken up on a late spring morning, when all of those blossoms are in bloom, it’s quite possible that you may also have an inkling that in a few minutes, your eyes will start streaming with hay-fever. Well, dogs get hay-fever too in a way. Like us humans, dogs have allergies and pollen, along with dust, are two of the most likely culprits and both of these can cause your dog’s eyes to run.

Some foods can cause allergies too, but you’ll be happy to know that at tails.com we have a hypoallergenic dog food recipe to help out any pets who might suffer from any common allergies.


It’s also worth noting that some breeds of dog are more prone to crying than others. To explain some of the reasons for this, here’s a short video from our head vet, Sean McCormack.

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