A tailored hypoallergenic recipe just for your dog

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Helps with food intolerances

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The right sources of protein to support easy digestion

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Cuts out common allergens and problem ingredients

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Tell us about your dog

We’ll create a special hypoallergenic recipe just for them. Sign up with 50% off your first box.

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Get the right nutrition

  • Choose from our range of hypoallergenic kibble, wet food and treats
  • Avoid certain ingredients and eliminate them from your dog's diet 
  • Excludes beef, eggs, dairy, soya and wheat

What's different about our hypoallergenic food?

Steer clear of the ‘big five’

The five ingredients most likely to cause an upset: beef, eggs, dairy, soya, and wheat. We can leave out any - or all - of them to suit your dog, or get them on a single animal protein, grain-free recipe kibble.

Ingredients to avoid in hypoallergenic food

Easy to digest proteins

We use lots of fish, lamb, and chicken – sources of protein that are easy on the tummy and great for sensitive digestion.

Easy digestion for dogs

Hydrolysed proteins

We use hydrolysed salmon protein, which splits the protein strands into smaller ones so they’re less likely to trigger an immune response.

Hydrolysed proteins

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