Why getting your dog food delivered is better

Ensuring your dog has a diet full of goodness that will keep them healthy and full of energy is of course the most important thing, but why is it better to have your dog food delivered? In this post, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about dog food delivery and why it’s good for you, good for your dog, and better than going to pick it up yourself.

Better for you

Dogs can get through a lot of food. And this means if you’re buying your dog food from a shop, you’re going to have to carry it home. Whether you’re popping it in the car, or lugging it back on the bus – it’s still a bit of a hassle. And avoiding a slipped disk or bad back is always a good idea. So how do we avoid all of these woes? By opting to have the dog food delivered of course.

Better for your dog

By having your dog food dropped off at your doorstep, it also means that you’re never likely to run out of dog food. At tails.com we’ll send out a fresh batch of food, tailored to your dog’s dietary needs each month.

Once you’ve answered the questions about your dog’s particulars (breed, age, activity levels, etc), we’ll put together a recipe just for them, and send you enough to get you through the entire month. You can even add in treats and wet food.

That means no more late-night trips to the supermarket for a food your dog might not get on with.

How the delivery gets to you

Each month your box will arrive at your door in the hands of our couriers. Contact free delivery is ensured and if you’re out, we’ll leave your food safely tucked away in a safe place. We offer free delivery to mainland United Kingdom addresses and there are options for other areas of the UK, and for you to choose specific days too.

You can read more about our delivery options and work out what’s best for you. 

All in all, there really isn’t a downside to getting your food delivered by tails.com – you’ll love the service, your dog will love the food, and your trips to the supermarket will be a little lighter too.

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