Meet: The Samoyed

Samoyeds are some of the most beautiful dogs in the world, and to many of us, they look like big and cuddly teddy-bear-cloud-Christmas-snowball dogs. But does this breed make good pets? In this blog post, we’ll tell you what you need to know.


Up in the frozen wilds of Siberia, you will find the Samoyed’s home. In fact, this breed is named after the Samoyedic people who still live in this windswept and icy region today. We don’t actually know a great deal about this breed’s history, but what we do know is fascinating. It’s descended from the Laika and was used for herding reindeer – an essential animal for anyone trying to survive in the arctic tundras of Siberia. It was also used as a hunting dog and, one has to imagine, if you’re huddled up in a freezing tent at night, these faithful companions would have made a lovely, soft and warm source of heat and comfort until the sun rises again.


Not all Samoyeds are white, and many others are a colour referred to as ‘biscuit’ which is a darkish brown hue. They are big dogs, weighing up to 29kg and standing up to 60cm tall, and then there’s that coat. It’s double layered to help them keep warm, and it can shed a lot too, though these dogs are almost hypoallergenic as they don’t tend to to trigger many people’s dog allergies. They have a nice fluffy tail that they carry over their backs in a curl, and big, fluffy ears as well.


Like many herding breeds, Samoyeds are very friendly. They’re also quite smart and this shows in the sense of independence that this dog displays. They love human company and will typically get on with most other dogs. They do also have a tendency to get a bit bored and this can result in them digging up your garden or barking too much, so keep them entertained and well exercised.


This dog will definitely keep you fit, as it requires at least two hours of good exercise a day, and breaking that up into hour long walks and runs is worth doing too as this will help to stave off the boredom we talked about. And be sure to take a ball along with you because they love playtime very much.

If your Samoyed has behaved itself, remember to reward it with a good treat. You’ll find a delicious range of healthy treats at, so why not pick up some today?

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  1. The Samoyed is a pleasant breed, and your weblog superbly captures their playful spirit and mild nature. The way you’ve got highlighted their charming persona and showcased their adaptability as loving household companions is in reality heartwarming! Great job in imparting treasured insights into this notable breed.


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