Myth Buster: Is Lamb the best hypoallergenic source of protein for my dog?

Lamb is often recommended for dogs thought to have allergies, intolerances and sensitivities as it is often a meat they haven’t tried before so is less likely to cause a reaction. In addition, lamb has a very distinctive flavour that dogs often enjoy the taste of and previously fussier eaters may well respond better to a lamb flavoured diet.

However from a nutritional perspective, the best source of animal protein for dogs is chicken, closely followed by fish, as both of these ingredients contain high levels of protein and with optimum amino acid profiles to ensure your dog gets all the amino acids he needs from his diet. These amino acids are needed to help to maintain essential tissues and key functions in the body (like maintenance and repair of the skin). Lamb is deficient in taurine in particular. This is an amino acid that is needed for the heart, skin, brain and other areas in the dog’s body so it’s important to check that his lamb diet contains additional taurine to make up for this (all blends contain sufficient amino acids). Lastly, it’s worth bearing in mind that lamb has quite a lot of saturated fat, which for a dog may not be as harmful as for humans, but it’s not as beneficial as unsaturated and essential fats. It’s important that a lamb diet is balanced with other fat sources to ensure your dog gets all the essential fats he needs (all kibbles and blends contain a balanced amount of omega 6 and 3’s).  

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic protein to give your dog’s skin and digestion a boost, why not consider a fish diet or blend? The highly digestible protein and optimal amino acid profiles are ideal for easy digestion and the additional omega 3 coming from the fish may help support his skin and improve coat condition as well.

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  1. What if my dog won’t eat it? She is very finicky and I’ve tried rabbit too. She’s on lamb food but still has reflux.


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