Mixing wet and dry dog food

We often get asked if wet food, dry food or a mixture of both is the best way to feed your dog. Ultimately, the most important thing is that the food you choose is right for your dog – giving them the nutrition they need in the tastes they love. There are definite benefits to mixing wet and dry dog food, but also some myths around the different types of food that we’ll help guide you through.

What are the benefits of mixed feeding?

Dogs love food – or, rather, dogs love eating! Some dogs won’t eat wet food, some won’t eat dry, but almost all will eat mixed food. Like us, they love variety, and mixed feeding adds more tastes, textures and aromas to their bowl. So while dogs don’t get bored with eating the same thing over and over like we would, finding the best wet food to mix with your dog’s dry food is a great way to make mealtimes extra special – and win over the pickiest of eaters.

Mixed feeding

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Is wet or dry food better for dental health?

A lot of studies have been done into whether wet or dry dog food is better for dental hygiene. The preconception has always been that dry food is better for your dog’s dental health, and while it can help reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar (also known as calculus), it doesn’t make a significant difference. Regular brushing is the best way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and prevent dental health issues.

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Good quality dental chews can also help slow the build-up of plaque and tartar, and it’s been proven in multiple studies that regular use of dental chews can help prevent dental disease. Our Dental Dailies are made with pumice and star-shaped to get into more nooks and crannies – find out more.

Get mixed portions right

The way dry food is baked means that it has more calories per mouthful than wet food. So when it comes to mixing wet and dry dog food, it may appear that there’s a bigger portion of wet food than dry. But it’s the number of calories, rather than the amount of food, that’s important when feeding your dog a mixed diet. Fortunately, if you choose to add wet food to your tails.com unique recipe, we’ll work it all out for you. Just update your profile with how you’d like to mix it and we’ll do the maths.

Mixed feeding   Mixed feeding

Change to a mixed diet gradually

As with any changes to your dogs diet, it’s best to introduce the new food gradually. Add a bit more each day and you have a better chance for your dog to become used to the new food without detecting a change. We can help you find the right mixed diet for your dog, balancing the calories and nutrition in their unique recipe of dry food with your choice of our 15 wet food recipes – and help guide you on how to gradually introduce the new food.

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  1. My Jack Russell is ten years old and overweight, she does not over eat, has always been quite stocky, should I be concerned and try to get her weight down?

  2. We are using a dog behaviour trainer and he’s overweight she is a god send we now his dinner into 4 portions with the kong 2 for kiddle and 2 for wet meat divided all though the day he’s losing weight and the kong is making him work for his food and his sleep and behaviour is so much better I can’t recommend it enough

  3. My puppy(a cockapoo) will not eat dry food alone, I’ve added some wet food but I’m scared in under or over feeding him. He is 10 weeks old.

  4. We have been feeding our 9 month old westie with tails dry dog food and had noticed she had stopped eating her full quota so incorporated 75 gms of your wet food which is now making her motions very runny is this mix too strong for her or will she adapt in time

    1. Hi Brian,

      It sounds like she might have a bit of a sensitive tum, but that’s definitely something we can help with. If you drop us an email at hello@tails.com, or send us a message on Facebook, we’ll get this sorted for you.


  5. My dog is 5 and he won’t eat dry food only ive tried to switch him off but he just wint eat it should i just keep him on it and he is a little stocky

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