Does My Dog Need Wet Food?

Making sure your dog has a diet full of nutritious, tasty goodness is something we all want to do, but there are lots of options out there and a common question we hear is “Does my dog need wet food”? Is kibble enough, or should you be also be feeding your pet something in gravy or jelly too? Let’s find out.

Make It Interesting

While your dog can get all of its dietary requirements from kibble, wet food helps to keep your dog excited at meal time. We’ve written before about how some dogs can get bored of their food, and what you can do to keep meal times interesting. Wet food can play a key role in keeping your pooch excited about their food and that makes for a very happy dog and a very happy human too.

Introducing Wet Food

At we have a great range of wet food that has been cooked with care to ensure your dog gets everything it needs. But a dog’s digestive system is sensitive, so introducing wet food into their diet needs to be handled with care. Luckily, we’ve written a blog post that will help you and your pet get the mix of wet and dry food just right.

Your dog is sure to be happy with the variety and by mixing our kibble with some of our slow-cooked wet food, you’ll be ensuring a healthy diet that will give them everything they need.

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