How do you host the perfect dog birthday?

The date’s in the diary. It’s marked on the wall calendar. Yes, your dog’s birthday is coming up. Have you made big plans? Or keeping it low key? Much like us, some dogs are super sociable and are the life of the party. Others prefer a quiet celebration with that special someone. Here, we’ve put together some tips for planning the perfect dog birthday party.

A party to suit their personality

If you do want to plan something for the big day, then it’s best to do some thinking about what they like most. The type of celebration you’ll want to plan will depend on your dog’s personality type. Some dogs are sticklers for their daily routine and thrive on knowing what comes next. While others are social butterflies and love meeting new dogs, new people and going to new places. Which kind is yours? 

For the extrovert

If your dog is the kind who makes friends with every single dog in the park, then a big outdoor space could be the ideal venue for your dog party. A large garden could work (if your dog isn’t too territorial), your local park or a secure field you have permission to use. When it comes to the guest list, think carefully about who they enjoy playing with, as well as your other dogs if you have more than one. You want to make it as harmonious and fun for your guests as it is for the dogs. 

Top tip: talk to your friends ahead of the big day to decide whether it’s an on-lead or off-lead event. 

For the introvert

As dogs grow up they become more socially selective than they were as a puppy. And some like nothing better than spending time with the centre of their world – you. So perhaps a day dedicated to some quality one-on-one time is their ideal dog birthday. For that personal touch you could make them a new toy or take them on a sniffari where their nose leads the way, for an enriching daily walk. 

Can I have party games?

Great idea! Planning some activities is a fun way to keep all your guests entertained. It could be anything from training exercises, to the best sit competition. 

Tip: try to keep food and toys out of the picture though, to make sure things don’t get too competitive! 

Pupcakes – how to make a dog friendly cake.

Whatever the size of your celebrations, there’s no need to miss out on cake. Try this easy no-bake pupcake made with dog-friendly peanut butter (which means no xylitol) and healthy oats. If you’re sharing it among friends, check first that everyone is happy for their dog to have some, in order to avoid any stress or conflict on the day. 

No tantrums, no tiaras

To ensure your party plans run smoothly, there are a few final codes of conduct for a successful dog birthday. Naturally, you’ll want to treat your dog with gifts and snacks. Do this at home, just you and your dog enjoying the moment, to avoid any jealousy from other dogs. As for the dress code, less is more. A birthday bandana or swanky new collar is our top choice. It means your dog is still able to move around freely using their natural body language to communicate with other dogs.    

The golden rule of a dog party? It’s for your dog, not just for social media. So be realistic about what your dog will really enjoy and you’re guaranteed a day to remember. 

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