2023 wrapped – tails.com charity giving update

2023 may be over, but we aren’t done with it quite yet! We’ve been busy with our calculators to share the positive impact that you, the Pack, helped us achieve last year. So make yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy this tails.com charity update. Let the good news roll!

The Community Fund continues

We set up our Community Fund in 2020 in response to the pandemic, to help dogs and owners in need across the UK. A programme of support for tails.com charity partners chosen by our customers.

Since then, we’ve built long-term relationships with incredible charities like:

We’ll continue supporting charities that are important to you, using our platform to spread the word about the work they do. Want to join in? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for all the latest updates.

And in case you missed it, we shared the stories of some of the heroes behind these causes. So come and meet them over on our YouTube channel.

Building brighter futures with StreetVet

StreetVet is an award-winning charity that delivers free veterinary care to pets and their owners experiencing homelessness across the UK. We’ve been supporting them for 6 years, helping them provide essential care to more dogs and owners in need. 

Around 320,000 people are currently experiencing homelessness in the UK. Anywhere up to 25% of them have a pet. And these numbers have been growing since the pandemic. So, in 2023 we formalised our long-term relationship with StreetVet to make sure they get the extra support they need. You can read more about our partnership here.

As a tails.com customer, you’re a huge part of this support! Here are some of the highlights from last year:


On your behalf, the tails.com team make regular donations to keep StreetVet’s amazing work going. This year we reached £29,249 – go team!

Christmas is the season for giving. So for every packet of Good Dog Treats that you purchased over the festive period, we sent 25p straight to StreetVet. That raised a whopping £14,249 from your festive shopping alone. What a tasty way to support a wonderful cause…

Jade Statt, StreetVet's Co-Founder kneeling down holding a packet of Good Dog Treats with a StreetVet donation sticker on, with Bailey, a brown and white Staffordshire Terrier and StreetVet graduate

In addition to donations, we were also able to support StreetVet with an initial £7,500 so they could enter The Big Give, a crucial platform from which to generate further donations. We told you all about it, and you told all your friends – resulting in a staggering £40,163 raised! Give yourselves (and your dogs) a big pat on the back for that one. 


From working on the streets for years, StreetVet Clinical Director & Brand Ambassador/Co-Founder Jade Statt knows the bond between these owners and their pets is profound. Not only do their pets provide warmth, comfort and security, but they offer a crucial sense of purpose. The health and wellbeing of their companions is often a major priority for these owners. 

This is an important message that StreetVet work hard to share with the world, to help change attitudes towards owners and pets experiencing homelessness. And we’re right behind them. Because once you know, you can’t unknow!

Thanks to all who listened to, and shared our 18-station radio and TV marathon in 2023.  We toured the airwaves with StreetVet’s founders raising awareness of the work they do, why it’s so important and how we can all support them.

A StreetVet volunteer holds a small, black puppy while another volunteer vet uses a stethoscope to listen to the puppy's breathing

Tasty meals for all

2023 was tough for many of us, with the cost of living changing rapidly. We wanted to do our bit to make sure good boys and girls everywhere could get delicious, nutritious meals – no matter their circumstances. 

Last year, our team shipped 91 tonnes of food to charities. For context, that’s over 455,000 meals for dogs in need!

This meant some seriously waggy tails at Doris Banham Dog Rescue, Many Tears Rescue and All Creatures Great and Small. Check out the reactions from All Creatures Great and Small’s longest resident and the Doris Banham Dog Rescue team.

We also collaborated with FareShare, who distribute surplus food to charities. Their amazing team helped get our surplus kibble donations to food banks across the UK. That meant reduced waste and more nutritionally complete dog food finding owners in need. A great big win-win.

A huge thank you

By choosing to feed tails.com, you’ve done some amazing things this year.  To every single one of you – a huge thank you. With your continued support, we’re looking forward to doing even more tails.com charity work in 2024. Here’s to the new year!

12 thoughts on “2023 wrapped – tails.com charity giving update”

  1. Absolutely fantastic update
    All worthy of funding thank you
    There is one point I would like to raise with yourselves and that is how some people meet the criteria to use the PDSA for free or lower cost animal treatment. However if an owner can’t do this then their only option is for a private vet which for a lot of owners would be out of their reach to pay expensive bill
    My daughter is in this scenario presently due to her dog swallowing a pebble
    £4,100 to pay and she’s a mum of two young children and in a minimum wage job and also paying private rent so in a hell
    of a situation. Vets no longer offer a repayment plan either,
    Possibly this issue might be considered in the future by tails.com?
    Kind regards and thanks again for helping the charities and rescues

    • We’re so sorry to hear this, Kim – we hope your daughters dog is recovering well 💙 We will certainly pass your thoughts on to the team – thank you for sharing.

  2. Ozzy and myself are very happy we are helping other pets, and he enjoys
    his dinners very much and treats. Thank you all for your amazing work for our pets and others.

    A big thanks you from Ozzy and myself. xxxx

  3. Very happy with your food would you consider manufacturing one containing fish as I have a dog with allergies many thanks

  4. I volunteer for GSDRescue and would love Tails.com to consider us as one of their supported charities! How do we go about this?
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Gayle, we have a host of existing charity partners who we’ve pledged to support throughout 2024, as well as working with other charities in need, so we’re not able to accept any new applications for the time being. We’re really sorry about this, but we wish you all the best with your efforts 💙

  5. how can i let them no my darling meg gray has been putt to sleep i can not find any body to cancel the contract

    • We’re so sorry to hear this news about Meg, Andrea – sending you lots of hugs at this terribly hard time. So that our team can help you with this, please email us at hello@tails.com. Take care 💙


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