tails.com tailor-made dog food

Food so tailored we put your dog’s name on it

Every dog is different. That’s why we tailor our dog food to suit your dog’s individual needs. We create your dog’s recipe based on information you give us and from over a million possibilities, we create a blend of tails.com food that meets your dog’s specific requirements. 

Our blends are developed by vets and nutritionists and made possible by some really smart tech.

Get tailored nutrition – Made from high quality ingredients in your dog’s favourite flavours.

Right portion size – with easy portion control & weight management.

Monthly deliveries: no ongoing commitment – change or cancel anytime.

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    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for getting in touch. A member of our customer support team will be in touch shortly to assist you with transferring over Jack’s orders and payments to his owner.

      Best wishes,
      The tails.com team.

      1. Hi my dogs name is buster , he is getting rather fat . Yes l might be giving him to much dry food ,as l run out of it for about 4 days . Please could you tell me if its low fat ?

      2. Hello my dog Tyson died last year sept,i know have a pup which is like to test on your food grain free ,his name is zeus and his a French bulldog.

        1. Hi Tania,

          I’m so sorry for your loss.
          You can add little Zeus to your existing account so he can start enjoying his tailor-made diet. If you want help with that, you can send a message to our customer team via hello@tails.com

          Kind regards,

  1. Hi Tails.com Team,

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    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Dog Food Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

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  2. Hi Tails.com Team,
    My dog, Bella, has been enjoying your dog food for some years now. However, my cat enjoys it as much, if not more, often stealing it from Bella’s dish.
    I have read that dog food is not suitable for cats. Would it be detrimental to her health to allow her to eat Bella’s food rather than branded cat food that she seems to enjoy less? Please advise.

  3. Hi tails.com team
    Just a bit frustrating. I went thru all the definition poised to place an order. Just to find out at the very end “checkout” that you are only delivering wihthin UK. Website and presentation looks like a big player – but ending up as a small local supplier. Better make a big note on the first page “UK only” 🙁 Good luck and best regards

  4. Hi
    I am a customer of yours
    Alfie the Afghan, now 5 1/2 months old and has just staretd running free, prefers Barneys food when he has a choice. Barney is 17 1/2 months old and is fit and haelthy and sometimes eats Alfie’s food
    What is the difference between the two food makeups?
    They both have cooked chicken with the biscuits on a once a day daily basis
    Please advise


    1. I had the same trouble with my dog. All I did was pour a little warm water on it and no problem since.
      In fact smells good enough to eat ?

  5. Hi, Riley is going on holiday abroad and we need more food to be delivered asap. Very strange that I could not find any phone number to call. Please call me asap.

      1. Hello Minnie would like to say thank you and sorry we have had to cancel her Tails food. She loves it but do to a weight problem which we can not solve she has to go on a veterinary controlled weight loss diet. We have been told by the vet she must loose one Kilo of her weight ,we have tried reducing her daily ration but this has not worked .sorry Tails we will miss you regards B Colman.

        1. Hi Basil,

          we can make a unique recipe for Minnie which will help her loose weight. Can you please contact us at hello@tails.com so we can look into this for you?

          Kind regards, Sophie

  6. Hi ,I was sent 3 trial packs of dried food 2 for my self 1 for a friend . we were under the impression that we would not have to pay for the trial packs .our dogs would not eat the food.when a delivery came i sent it back. I have just red my bank statement an d i shows that you have taken two payments one on 30/4/18 one on 13/4/18 the first £31.79 the second £5.46 would you please let me know moor about this please Christina
    can you send me your phone number.

  7. My dog will no longer eat dry food I am wasting money by throwing it away. Can you please cancel my future orders. Thank you. Joanne Neal

    1. Hi Joanne,

      Sorry to hear your dog isn’t enjoying their food. There is the option for a reblend if this would be of interest

      To find out more about reblend or to cancel your order please get in touch with our customer service team: hello@tails.com


  8. I want to unsubscribe but can’t find out how, the so called offer of free testers and it’s not free as I don’t want to but the treats, please let me know how I can unsubscribe

  9. i ordered and my order never turned up, yodel are extremely unhelpful and there is nowhere on the tails website to be able to get compensated, i have paid for a months worth of food and my dog has nothing.
    yodel said they left it in a safe place which doesn’t even exist and they are not interested in helping me, rubbish service.

  10. I have been feeding max your dog biscuits and recently he has gone off them and not been interested in the biscuits. I have had a look in the bag which is kept in a dark cupboard out of direct sunlight and always re sealed after beingused and isn’t due out of date untill december and I have noticed quite a lot of mould which has fused the biscuits together. Which would explain why he has gone off them and has recently had a poorly tummy. I am pretty disappointed as I thought buying tailor made food for him would have been beneficial and especially at the price of a bag I would not expect to find such poor quality in his biscuits. Photos can be passed should you wish and I still have the bag with the remainder of the biscuits.

    1. Hi Scott,

      I’m really sorry to hear about this and we want to look into this further. Could you please send us an email to hello@tails.com with the photos attached?

      We really want to look into this as soon as possible so if you have Facebook, we’d recommend sending us a direct message here instead – https://www.facebook.com/tailsUK/. This way we can get started right away.

      Jack from tails.com

  11. I would be grateful if you could provide me with new measuring scoop as supplied with first order please. for Lucy’s food. With thanks. Lucy been so much better on yr food I would and have highly recommended.

  12. Our Labrador/Retriever has been eating your dry food for a few months now. We have increased the amount we give her, because half a scoop is never sufficient. She is on the prowl for food all the time – I know her breed is a hungry breed. Some days she is having 2.5 scoops.

    She is very active – has 6 walks per day – one of which is about 2 – 3 hours. She has gained 3 kilos since we started with Tails.com but is still in good shape when I measure her up to other dogs of her size. She is happy and content. My question is – are we doing wrong by changing things? If you look at her picture – she certainly looks well, but I am a little concerned about her weight gain.

    1. Hi Elaine,

      As long as she hasn’t gained too much weight and is still in an ideal condition, this won’t be a problem. However, we’d love to take a look at everything and make sure her profile is up to date.

      Can you send us an email to hello@tails.com so we can help out?
      Jack from tails.com

  13. Any ideas on what I can do to help my terrified terrier when I go out for an hour? A couple of days ago I left my 13 year old patterdale terrier when I went out for what I thought was going to be 10 – 15 mins. It turned out to be an hour. It was very windy and and there was hammering and drilling from next door – who were having new laminate flooring put down. I came back and found a couple of areas “Trashed” with torn up cardboard boxes ( contents spread on floor) and a couple of runckled mats and her beds in different places. I’ve worked out that when she’s scared she digs and trys to get in the smallest , darkest corners pulling things off lower shelf of bookcases etc.
    She’s destroyed things on at least 4 occassions now – and I just feel so sorry that she gets so worked up. Any suggestions?

  14. food did not arrive asked to be left on my front door inside my block of flats never arrived also was meant to get wet food sample yet they never put this on my profile feel disappointed and disgusted they use yodel as had delivery problems with them before ie signing my name illegaly az\s delivered when item clearly was not thios happened with an order before I contacted company who compensated then they swithched to dpd where u can track parcel as they had so many complaints about yodel im very disappointed as my friend uses tails and said id of got oner month free trial through them yet ordering through pet show Manchester stand ive received nothing and had to go out and buy more dog food im away 20th to 22nd of this month but hope to see my original delivery come as it states delivered when io never received it thankyou and can you consider using royal mail or dpd as at least they are more reliable dpd is excellent yodel has very bad track record am shocked u even used them

    1. Hi William,

      This really isn’t the standard we expect of our couriers and we always want to make sure you have full confidence in your deliveries. Can you send us an email to hello@tails.com so we can help you with this as soon as possible?


  15. Hi. I am having a few issues with our puppy Rowman as he still has bad diarrhoea Can u please help or should I change his food.
    He is under weight and is only 3kg just now please can u help. I’ve tried the rice mixed with his meal aswell. He is always hungry and never seems to be full.
    I sure if I should change his food or not.
    Thank you.

    Susan Rhind

  16. Just wanted to balance out some of the comments above for anyone new considering tails food. We have been giving Rolo tails food for 2 years. We have been very happy with it, Rolo is very healthy and we have never had any problems from yodle with delivery. The web site is easy to use and I find the pet advice bits very helpful. We also love the doggy wrapping paper gift at Christmas! Rolo loved ripping it off his presents!!! Thank you

  17. I cancelled a payment for my dog khans food which was ment to be free , 4 months later you took over £30 out if my bank. I am not interested in having the food i just want my money back what was wrongly taken!

    1. Hi Chloe,

      You can log in to your account and cancel on-going deliveries. Or contact our customer support team who can help with cancelling your deliveries hello@tails.com

      Sorry for the inconvenience


  18. Hi Tails just wanted to say how pleased we are with your food. Bertie is an inca orchid peruvian hairless and has always been a very fussy eater however he absolutely loves his tails wet food and clears his dish every meal time. so we are very happy.THANKYOU.

  19. Hi, trying to contact you via e mail, cannot find contact details, could you advise, I don’t do social media, thanks, Sam.

  20. Hi tails,

    There has been a mix up in my Dogs details. I have tried editing it on my account but it doesn’t allow me. His date of birth is 17th Oct 2018 not 17th October 2017.

    Can you amend this please. Thanks

  21. Hi,
    i’m very impressed so far with the quality of Tails food and Our dog Aingus is thriving.
    I am concerned however at the reliance on plastic packaging. Other feed manufacturers are using or switching to paper bags and as all your parcels are double packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes is there any reason why you’re not switching away from plastic?

  22. Hi,

    I ordered a free trial of your food and have since been referring to your “manage my account” page to cancel the deliveries. Every time I went to cancel the orders it said that there were “no deliveries scheduled”, however I have just been charged £30 for another delivery! I have had no emails from you and cannot locate any contact details for you so have had to leave this comment. I DO NOT want this delivery to take place and have been trying to cancel it for weeks, but YOUR system wouldn’t let me as “there was nothing to cancel”.

    I am extremely unhappy with this and request a full refund.


  23. Hi,
    Otis has had your food since he was a pup, he is now 14 months old. Does he need to go on to adult food.

  24. I received my first order today!!
    The delivery guy was super nice.
    My 8 week old chihuahua went off her food that I was giving her but after opening the bag she was bouncing around the kitchen!
    I fed her and then sat and asked for more!
    As you can imagine I am over the moon that my girl is eating again.
    The ingredients that gone into her food is astounding! I am very impressed and hopefully stay with yourselves!

    Thank you very Tails! ❤️

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