The best treats for your dog this Christmas

When it comes to treats, it feels good giving our dogs something delicious to munch on, especially if we’ve made a big fuss about dinner ourselves. To help you stay off the naughty list this Christmas though, here’s our round-up of the best dog treats in town. Happy treating!

While we love them, in the interest of your dog’s health, when it comes to treating there are some big no’s:

Mince pies – Raisins, currants, alcohol – no-no-no. Check out our dog-friendly recipe here.

Chocolate – Chocolate contains theobromine, a substance similar to caffeine, and is poisonous to dogs.

Blue cheese – If the cheeseboard comes out, keep it at arm’s length from your dog. We know dogs love cheese, but it doesn’t always love them as most dogs are actually lactose intolerant. But if you are going to sneak them some, please make sure it’s not a blue one and keep your portions small.

Garlic – In the roast, on some veg, in the gravy – garlic pops up everywhere. While it might be your fav, it’s actually toxic for your dog.

Grapes – The perfect partner to that cheese board is definitely off-limits to your dog. That includes raisins and sultanas too.

Alcohol – Hidden in a cake, out there in a cream liqueur, never ever give your dog alcohol.

Caffeine – It’s easy to leave your cups of tea and spiced pumpkin lattes around, it’s actually dangerous for your pup. Try our dog-friendly pup-kin latte here for one they can enjoy.

Apple pips – Apples are great but core them first – pips contain traces of cyanide. It’s a small dose but what we can handle as humans and what dogs can are often two very different things.

Christmas stuffing – As well at it being salty, remember dogs can’t eat onions, garlic or nuts!

There’s more on harmful foods for dogs on our blog post here. 

So let’s get to the healthy pile. More fun for them, all the guilt-free feelings for you.

Carrots – Many dogs love the crunch!

Cucumbers – Easy crunchy, delicious.

Watermelon – Watermelon’s a big favourite with the dogs at HQ, and here’s our list of all the fruits in your fruit bowl and fridge you can give your dog as a guilt-free treat.

Peanut butter – Spread it on a LickiMat with some mashed banana and they’ll be entertained for ages. Remember to get a xylitol-free version as dogs can’t tolerate this artificial sweetener.

Sweet potato – Rich in fibre, potassium and riboflavins (see our pup-kin latte recipe above) we slow bake ours in the oven for a delicious go-to treat that’s all natural!

Good Dog Treats and Cold-Pressed Rewards – Both are ideal for training and rewarding without having to worry about the calories thanks to their size. Our Good Dog Treats are only 3kcals and rich in irrestible chicken, while our Cold-Pressed Rewards come in multiple flavours, are under 4 calories each and are made to a grain-free recipe.

Seriously Meaty Snacks – Our meatiest snacks are made with natural ingredients and are rich in delicious, meaty flavours. Choose between juicy burgers or lip-smacking jerky as an indulgent way to treat your dog this Christmas.

Natural Chews – A natural way to keep your dog busy. Our Pig Ears are easy to digest and high in protein, with a chewy texture your dog will love.

Bakers, assemble

If you’ve got some time on your hands, why not get in the kitchen and start baking? We’ve got loads of dog-friendly recipes right here, all taste-tested by our dogs!

If you want to treat yourself or someone you love this Christmas, The Happy Dog Cookbook is our first ever cookbook! Written by Head Vet Sean McCormack and Annabel Karmel, all the proceeds go to one of our favourite charities, StreetVet. So if you’re after some feel-good, healthy recipes that aren’t just for Christmas, treat yourself, or pop in a Christmas stocking for someone else!

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