Tell us about your dog
Tell us about your dog

food as unique as your dog

Tailored nutrition

Made from high quality ingredients in your dog's favourite flavours

Right portion size

Easy portion control & weight management

Monthly deliveries

No commitment - change or cancel anytime

Tasty, nutritious, satisfying - and individually blended

What difference does a unique blend make to your dog? Imagine your dog at its happiest and healthiest: glossy coat, ideal weight, and lots of energy for jumping in excited circles when you reach for that lead. That’s why your dog’s name is on the blend – this is food designed for their individual nutritional needs.

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Developed by vets and nutritionists

Think of dog nutrition on a whole new level: a precise dry food blend, developed by vets and nutritionists to meet your dog’s needs at every stage of their life. High-quality ingredients are just the start: every kibble is custom designed just for us, to meet our exacting standards in shape, size and nutritional profile. So when we develop your dog's blend from scratch, we know it will meet their needs with a precision that other brands cannot match. Just tell us about your dog, and we’ll use all the details – like breed, age, sex, health conditions, flavour preferences, and how much running about they do – to create a specific recipe, just for them.

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A daily feeding plan, for tip-top condition

Ever found it hard to know how much to feed your dog? Us too. That’s why we give you a daily feeding plan as a guide, and a handy portion scoop in the first box. We even take into account any other food your dog gets, from wet food to scraps and treats. With, it’s effortless to maintain your dog’s ideal weight – keeping them in prime condition for playtime at a moment’s notice.  

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Convenient deliveries, so you never run out

We don’t just tailor the recipe: we tailor the quantity of food too, and send you just the right amount for the month. Flexible monthly deliveries mean you’ll never run out of food again – and ongoing delivery is free to the UK mainland (a small delivery charge applies to other areas).

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Surprisingly affordable

We work out your price when we create your recipe. Have a look on Trustpilot, and you’ll see our customers find us surprisingly affordable and great value. We work hard to keep it that way, so that you can keep feeding your dog the food they love. And the price you’ll see on your feeding plan is for 31 days of food, based on your dog's nutritional needs. So tell us about your dog and let's get started!

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Here to help

Got a question? Our head vet and dog nutritionists have written a ton of useful answers to the most common queries – head to our help pages to dive into the detail. We also love to chat about your dogs: try us on email, phone, or social media. There’s always a real person at the end of the line, and quite often an office dog at their side too.

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