tails.com quality policy

At tails.com, our purpose is to improve the lives of dogs and their owners with the vision of changing the world of pet food for good.

We do this by setting and striving to achieve stringent customer-led standards using our quality-management, digital, nutritional and veterinary expertise and customer understanding, whilst complying with the necessary regulations to best meet the needs of our customers.

As a customer-led team, we are committed to delivering our brand promise by:

  • Making sure our food is safe; adhering to safety regulations such as those set by DEFRA and the PFMA in the UK and the NVWA in the Netherlands; 
  • Fulfilling our promises on nutritional benefits, palatability and great taste;
  • Providing the right amount of the right food;
  • Ensuring our customers’ supply of food is uninterrupted and always on time.
  • We are game-changing and we aim to be a leader in the industry in our commitment to a comprehensive view of quality: encompassing food safety, legality, nutritional suitability and fulfilment of evolving customer expectations, always improving what we do. 


    We make each day count and evolve as we grow; moving quickly and using our quality systems to manage risk appropriately.


    We are team-spirited and these commitments are shared by the entire tails.com pack.

    James Davidson

    CEO, Director and Co-founder

    25th February 2021

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