Hand-baked dog treats

With a soft, chewy centre


Hand-baked with natural ingredients


Kind to the tummy with easy-to-digest protein


Grain-free for hypoallergenic diets


Delicious flavours, natural ingredients

Our range of hand-baked treats come in a choice of flavours your dog will love. They're made in the UK with easy-to-digest protein and no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or added sugar. Happy tummy, happy dog.

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Pork biscuits

Pork biscuits with peanut butter and apple

A nutty, fruity twist

Lamb biscuits

Lamb biscuits with pea and mint

Fibre-rich and fresh

Duck biscuits

Duck biscuits with beetroot and cranberry

A sweet and sour delight


Salmon biscuits with linseed and herbs

Rich in omega-3

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