Dog food for sensitive skin

A unique recipe for itchy skin

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Tailored to your dog’s allergies and intolerances

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Omega-3 acides to help manage dryness and irritation

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No artificial colours, preservatives or added sugar

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A unique recipe for itchy skin

Looking for food that can help ease your dog’s sensitive skin? We’ll create a unique recipe tailored to your dog’s specific health needs, made with the ingredients to help reduce their itchy skin.

Tailored for allergies and intolerances

Tailored for allergies and intolerances

Itchy or sensitive skin can often be caused by food allergies. If you know which ingredients cause your dog’s skin problems, we’ll leave them out and create a recipe that uses other healthy, nutritious ingredients instead. Or we can create a hypoallergenic recipe that removes all of the most common allergens – beef, dairy, soya, egg and wheat.

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Ingredients for healthier skin

It’s not just about excluding the bad ingredients – the right nutrients can go a long way to helping your dog's dry and itchy skin. So we’ll include fatty acids like Omega-3 and 6 from fish oils and linseed, proven to help reduce dryness and irritation and stop your dog scratching.

Together we’ll get it right

Tackling dog food allergies is a gradual process and it can take a little time until you see results. We’re here to support you every step of the way, helping you find the recipe that’s just right for you and your dog.

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