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Teddy the rescue, sensitive stomach, energetic

Teddy’s sensitive stomach

When we rescued Teddy, he had a very sensitive stomach. He is now thriving - he dances around the kitchen when it’s ‘din dins’ time and licks every morsel out of the bowl! He has so much energy and his coat is thick, glossy and the softest we have ever known it to be.

Toby, 11 years old, fussy eater, energetic

Energetic senior, Toby

This is my little man Toby. He’s 11 and still a proper energetic boy. He’s always been a grazer - so not your average dog when it comes to food. We changed him over to Tails as he has a really sensitive tummy and he just loves it.

Elsa, German Shepherd, weight control, shiny coat

Elsa’s thriving

We switched Elsa to after she had really severe gastroenteritis. The vet recommended Tails and she has come on leaps and bounds. She's thriving, her coat is so healthy and she's now at a perfect weight. She absolutely loves it never gets bored and has plenty of choice.

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