A unique grain-free dog food recipe

A unique recipe tailored to your dog’s nutritional needs

Made without rice, oats or wheat

No added artificial colours, preservatives, or added sugar

Choosing a grain-free dog food recipe

We create a unique recipe for your dog, based on their age, breed, lifestyle, health and taste preferences. Just ask us to leave out the grain when you sign up, and we’ll do the rest*.

dry dog food with peas

The right ingredients to supplement your dog’s diet

If you choose a grain-free recipe, we design your dog’s food without wheat, oats, or rice. Plus, we make sure your dog gets the right carbohydrates and nutrients from other sources instead –  sweet potato, potato and beet pulp give them plenty of fibre and energy.

dog eating grain free food

Choose what you’d like to exclude

Intolerances in dog food are often a reaction to specific ingredients, so trying a diet with no grain or wheat might be only part of the answer. If you are unsure about some ingredients, you can pick what you’d like us to leave out, like beef, dairy and eggs. Or, choose a hypoallergenic recipe and we’ll do the rest.

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*Please note: while your recipe will be made without grain, it’ll be prepared in an environment that handles grains.