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That's right, we're a certified B Corp. But what does that actually mean? Well, it means we walk the walk when it comes to ethical and sustainable business practices. Join the Pack and you’ll be part of our journey towards better walkies for generations to come. team in 2014

Rewind to a time of one-size-fits-all dog food

The year was 2014. An intrepid team of dog lovers and dog experts came together to find a better way to feed their pets. The dream? Different food for every dog. Tasty, nutritious ingredients that match their individual needs. A tailor-made kibble blend that changes with them for a long, healthy life. And so was born!

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We changed the game

Fuelled by a love for pets, tech and doing things differently, our vet and nutrition team got to work. Developing one million possible ingredient combinations to make truly tailor-made meals a reality. We hand-delivered to our first customers’ doors and soon the success stories started pouring in. Now we proudly deliver to over 250,000 happy dogs. Each with a kibble blend created just for them.

Our London team

10 years on, what’s changed?

Our team has grown but our purpose remains. Pioneers of the dog-friendly office, we’ve got water bowls in every meeting room in HQ. Because our dogs keep us focused on what matters most - them!

Our Amstelveen team

Going beyond the bowl

Our mission is about more than just nutrition. It’s about offering wrap-around support for our customers. It’s about partnering with charities to support dogs living on the streets. It’s about prioritising sustainability to support better dog walks for generations to come.