Your dog’s unique recipe

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Salmon oil for shiny coats.

Skin and coat health

Yucca and wholegrains for healthy poo.

Digestive health

Added glucosamine for joint support.

Joint health
Tailored dry food bag with kibble and portion scoop

Supports digestion, joints, skin and coat health

  • A unique kibble recipe based on your dog’s age, breed, lifestyle and more. 
  • Their personalised blend is made with precise nutrients for their health needs and will adapt as they age.

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How it works

1. Tell us all about your dog and their health

2. We’ll create their tailor-made kibble blend

3. Add delicious wet food and treats

4. We deliver your dog's food to you monthly - pause or cancel anytime

Split bowl of ingredients and kibble

High quality, natural ingredients

  • Packed with protein, root vegetables and wholegrains, for energy, fibre and proper nutrients. 
  • No added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • Every portion has just the right amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

What’s on the menu?

Tailor-made kibble. Your dog’s unique recipe based on their age, breed, lifestyle and more.

Delicious wet food. A range of 19 nutritious slow cooked recipes in a variety of textures.

Dental chews. Sugar-free for healthy teeth and gums. And face-lick-friendly breath!

Tasty treats and chews. Choose something special to train, reward or indulge your dog.

Even the price is tailored

The cost is tied to your dog’s unique needs. Here are some examples of a dry food only diet. Wet food and treats will cost a little more (wet food from 70p per tray, treats from £1 per pack).




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per month





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per month


Our empty bowl guarantee

We’ll give you tips for a smooth switch to your dog’s new food, and if they don’t love their kibble, we’ll change their blend for you.


We’re here to help

Our team of experts are on hand to provide specialist support.  Meet Head Vet Sean, Lead Nutritionist Samantha and Vet Nurse Amy.

Hear from our customers

My dog has always suffered from tummy problems and since using tails and taking ingredients out he has been a healthier happier dog.

Our Dogs LOVE tails, the pricing is reasonable for the quality of ingredients that you received.

My dog's fur doesn't shed as much, it makes her poop better, and her energy levels are better. Would definitely recommend!

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