Tell us about your dog
Tell us about your dog

Tailored diets for working dogs

Every dog benefits from tailored nutrition – for a happier and healthier life. But eating right is even more important for active, working dogs.

Like us, dogs need to eat more, or less, depending on how active they are. For working dogs, it’s about finding a diet that adapts with their daily routine – a feeding plan that keeps them in peak condition, while giving extra energy just when they need it.

Working dog breeds

Working dogs Vs. dogs who work

Many dogs work: police dogs, guide dogs, mountain rescue dogs, and more. But the term ‘working dog’ only refers to a small number of these. Rules set out by HMRC say that the ‘working dog’ description only applies to sheepdogs (any breed), gun dogs and racing greyhounds.

This is important, because working dogs who come under HMRC’s definition are entitled to tax-free dog food. Feeding a working dog? Let us know, and we’ll automatically deduct the VAT from your dog’s monthly feeding plan price.

dog with bag

The work-food balance

Hunting dog food? Check. Recipes for racers? Check. We create a unique feeding plan for every dog, to make sure each one gets exactly the right nutrition. We’ll ask you a few simple questions about your dog – including their age, breed, weight and activity level. Then we’ll tailor a recipe to meet their exact nutritional needs. For example, we might include extra sources of protein for endurance, sprinting, and running head-first into the undergrowth.


Flexibility built-in

We deliver your dog’s nutrition to you each month, so you never need to worry about stocking up or running out. But what if your dog only works a few months of the year? Or their activity level changes from month to month? Easy, you can change their feeding plan as often as you need – just update their profile in your account.

For example, if the busy hunting season is on the horizon, or the race calendar is about to ramp up, let us know. We’ll create a working dog food recipe that includes all the energy and nutritional goodness they need to stay in peak physical condition and performing at their best.

The working dogs HMRC recognises – sheepdogs, gun dogs, and racing greyhounds – might be the only ones to get tax-free food, but they aren’t the only ones who need a nutrient-dense diet. If your dog has a different job, or is just more active than most, contact us to find out how we can create a balanced diet that’s tailored to their routine.