Cold-Pressed Duck Rewards

Hypoallergenic, high-reward treats – made with 50% duck

Cold-pressed for maximum nutrients and flavour


Grain-free recipe for easy digestion


Deliciously meaty, high-reward treat

Cold-Pressed Duck Rewards

Cold-pressed for maximum deliciousness

Made with high-quality ingredients, we gently press our treats together for maximum nutrients and flavour. This makes for a super-appetising, high-reward treat your dog will love. And as they’re low in calories, they’re perfect for regular treating.

Sensistive stomachs image

Perfect for sensitive stomachs

These hypoallergenic treats are made to a grain-free recipe, making them perfect for dogs with ingredient sensitivities. Plus, duck is an easy-to-digest protein that supports healthy digestion. Because all dogs deserve delicious treats!

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All the meaty goodness

These deliciously meaty treats are made with 50% duck – to make them extra indulgent. And with only 2 calories per treat, you can keep on giving, and giving – perfect for training!

Puppy with treat

Great for puppies

These treats are packed with single-source, high-quality protein – perfect for building strong muscles and bones. Just what your growing puppy needs.

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