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Truly personalised food for senior dogs

Stiffer joints. More snoozing. A little extra weight – perhaps. Senior dogs have different and complex needs, and a blend can address each one of them, without compromise.

Unlike other brands, we don’t make you go from ‘adult’ to ‘senior’ food overnight. Your dog’s recipe will change gradually as they age, as well as catering for breed-specific issues and health conditions – even things as complex as pancreatitis.

Food makes all the difference for senior dogs


Stiff joints? We’ll add a smooth-joint megamix to their blend, including glucosamine and chondroitin to help your dog move a little more easily.

Ideal Weight

Older dogs put on weight easily, because their metabolism slows down. We’ll help your dog maintain an ideal weight with a lower-calorie, high-fibre blend: nutritious, tasty and satisfying.

Energy Requirements

As dogs get older, they get much better at napping. And because they spend less time running around, they need less energy – so we lower the calories and fat in their food to match.

Health Conditions

Senior dogs are more likely to get things like arthritis and pancreatitis. Tell us about your dog’s health in the consultation, and we’ll create a bespoke blend for their needs.

We change your blend over time

We’ll make subtle changes to your dog’s blend as they get older – to make sure their food gives them everything they need at every stage of life.

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