Reducing our environmental impact is a major part of our mission to change the world of pet food for good.

Our Environmental Strategy focuses on our waste, our packaging, our supply chain and our ingredients. want to reduce our enviornmental impact through sustainable packaging.


  • Reduce the amount of packaging.
  • Make it easy to recycle the maximum amount of packaging.
  • Use packaging from sustainably managed sources, using a high proportion of recycled content.
  • Use materials with the lowest environmental impact possible. make delicious, nutritious food from the whole animal to help reduce food waste.

Food Waste

  • Reduce food waste by taking 'nose to tail' approach - using good quality by-products from human food processing. 
  • Reduce food waste in our packaging and manufacturing processes.
  • Reduce overfeeding and obesity of pets by providing tailored portion guidance - not too much, or too little. source our food from responsible suppliers.


  • Ensure a consistent and long term supply of high-quality ingredients.
  • Source raw materials and components locally where possible.
  • Make sure our suppliers are responsible and live up to our high standards.
  • Use ingredients and components that have minimal impact on the earth. are using more renewable energy sources to reduce our environmental impact.


  • Reduce energy consumption and emissions of our factory and offices.
  • Increase renewable energy usage of our factory and offices.

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