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Our unique algorithm tailors your dog's recipe

How we create your dog’s tailor-made blend

Breed: Border Terrier
Gender: Male, neutered
Age: 1 year, 2 months
Weight: 6.5kg
Exercise: 3+ hours
Health issues: Sensitive digestion
Taste preference: Chicken & Beef
Exclusions: Wheat

In our 2 minute nutritional consultation you tell us about your dog's breed, lifestage, physical condition, energy and activity levels, flavour and ingredient preferences, health issues, exclusions and any allergies and we use this information to calculate their exact nutritional requirements. We then hand-blend a selection of high quality kibbles (from over a million combinations) to create an optimised balance of nutrients just for your dog.


Monty’s unique blend

Monty's unique blend Monty's unique blend

Why it’s perfect for him

Bespoke kibble design

Optimised kibble size for Border Terriers

Healthy digestion

Fibre from beet pulp and prebiotics help Monty’s sensitive digestive system


Excludes common allergens: beef, dairy, soya, wheat and eggs

Mental development

Includes vitamins, antioxidants and natural supplements for healthy brain and vision development

Strong immune system

With selenium, beta-carotene and marigold to help keep Monty's immune system healthy

How we evolve your dog’s food as they age

As your dog ages their nutritional needs change gradually too. Our Blend Evolution process carefully and automatically adjusts the balance of nutrients such as protein, fat, fibre and carbohydrates in your dog's blend in line with their changing needs.

Monty's changing needs

Monty's changing needs over time Monty's changing needs over time

Graph is for illustrative purposes only, axes not to scale

How we help you feed the right amount

Your first delivery includes your dog's menu card with a breakdown of their feeding plan and daily portion size, plus a Perfect Portion Scoop so you can feed them easily and accurately. If your dog is overweight or underweight, the controlled portions will help them return to their ideal condition.

Perfectly timed deliveries

We send you the correct amount of food for your dog each month so we know when to deliver their next bag of food, so you'll never run out again. You don’t even have to be at home - you can nominate a safe place for your delivery to be left. And you can pause, delay or cancel at any time, so you’re always in control. 

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