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Simple: You tell us about your dog, we create tailor-made food, just for them

Unique to Monty, and Millie, and Lola

Breed: Border Terrier
Gender: Male, neutered
Age: 1 year, 2 months
Weight: 6.5kg
Exercise: 3+ hours
Health issues: Sensitive digestion
Taste preference: Chicken & Beef
Exclusions: Wheat

At the heart of is our algorithm, which combines years of veterinary expertise and nutritional research with some exceptionally smart tech. The result? A whole new way to create totally specific food for your dog. First we discover your dog’s nutritional profile, based on the answers to nine simple questions. Then we create a unique blend of custom kibbles, just for your dog. Start now with the nutritional consultation, and we’ll do the rest.


Monty’s unique blend

Monty's unique blend Monty's unique blend

Why it’s perfect for him

Bespoke kibble design

Optimised kibble size for Border Terriers

Healthy digestion

Fibre from beet pulp and prebiotics help Monty’s sensitive digestive system


Excludes common allergens: beef, dairy, soya, wheat and eggs

Mental development

Includes vitamins, antioxidants and natural supplements for healthy brain and vision development

Strong immune system

With selenium, beta-carotene and marigold to help keep Monty's immune system healthy

your dog’s needs change over time, so their food does too

This is revolutionary. Where other brands make you switch from puppy food to adult, or adult to senior dog food, we make the changes gradually, over time. That means we don’t just give you tailor-made dog food once – we adapt the blend to your dog’s changing nutritional needs, striking the right balance of protein, fat, fibre and carbohydrates at every stage of their life.

Monty's changing needs

Monty's changing needs over time Monty's changing needs over time

Graph is for illustrative purposes only, axes not to scale

Portions: we’ve cut out the guesswork

Put that old mug away, and stop measuring by eye. You get a portion scoop with your first delivery. And no ordinary scoop either: we’ve designed it so you can set it to our exact portion recommendations, effortlessly maintaining your dog’s healthy weight day in, day out.

Flexible monthly deliveries

Never run out of food again. We deliver to your door every month, so you always have enough dog food – even when you’ve been too busy to get to the shops. And if you’re dreaming of the day you no longer have to lug heavy dog food home, this is it. You’re in control too: change the delivery date, leave instructions for the courier, or pause your deliveries, all from your online profile. 

Fine-tune your dog’s recipe

We can always make changes to the recipe to create food your dog will love. If you’d like to try another blend, just update their profile or get in touch. We’re all about helping your dog be its happiest, healthiest self.


Cancel anytime, come back anytime - and pause or delay your deliveries, all from your account. It’s simple, easy, effortless, and you’re always in control. People stay with us because their dogs love our food.

Five stars all round