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Every dog is different, and every recipe is unique – so every price is too. It would be really simple to have a flat rate for small, medium, and large dogs – which is what others do. But our blends are much more specific than others; the price you pay reflects your dog’s individual recipe, based on their nutritional needs, preferred sources of protein and carbs, allergies, and health conditions.

The fastest way to find out your monthly price? Take your two-minute consultation, and your dog’s feeding plan will include an accurate price upfront (before you sign up, obviously).

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Great value is at our core

All this talk of ‘bespoke this’ and ‘individual that’ makes it sound expensive, right? Here’s the thing: it’s really not. Part of changing the world of pet food is making sure everyone can afford it – it’s why we work hard to give your dog high-quality, tailor-made food at a great price.

Free ongoing delivery

Yep, totally free standard delivery to the UK mainland, excluding the Highlands. (Highlanders, we love you. It’s just our food has so far to go to reach your bowls.) We ship the next month’s food just when you need it: so you never run out, or need a space in the cupboard for stockpiling your dog’s food.

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The cost to me is £15 per month. I would definitely recommend it.


My dog loves his food and we have seen a difference in his coat, digestive system and general health. At £34 a month, delivered to our door, I am very pleased.


The food is great, her tummy has settled down, the price is fantastic, and I actually save £20 a month.


Take our 2-minute nutritional consultation to find your dog's individual blend and price.

Get your dog’s individual price

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