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Here’s a little bit about who we are and how we achieve tailor-made nutrition for dogs on a practical level. We'll show you why a diet is the perfect choice, from early puppyhood through to the senior years, and how we cater to changing nutritional needs over time according to each dog's profile. Get in touch via the form below to find out more and receive our comprehensive information pack.

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The nutrition team

Dr Samantha Ware

MSc, PhD (Lead nutritionist):

Samantha has over sixteen years of experience in animal nutrition, specifically dog and cat nutrition. From a Master's degree in animal nutrition, a PhD in nutritional sciences and an extensive professional career within the pet food industry formulating and developing diets for dogs, Samantha is extremely knowledgeable on the unique dietary needs of individual dogs.

She has previously formulated food for the royal dogs, but now spends her time developing nutritional blends in our mission to change the way dogs are fed for the better. Samantha has two dogs; Giselle the Pug and Petrel the Lurcher. Both are thriving on their diets.

Sean McCormack

BSc (Hons), MVB, MRCVS (Head vet):

Sean studied Animal Science as an undergraduate learning about anatomy, physiology, husbandry and nutritional management of a range of domestic animals, followed by his Veterinary Medicine degree (MVB) at University College Dublin. Having spent six years in private practice at various first opinion and referral small animal clinics, he has a great understanding of dog owners and the concerns they face when trying to choose the best diet for their pets.

Sean works on our product development team and supports our knowledgeable customer experience team. His family dog Suki, a crossbreed terrier, sadly passed away last year at the grand old age of seventeen.

Amy Henson

BSc (Hons) RVN, N.Cert (SAN) (Veterinary nurse & customer experience team leader):

Amy has been a qualified veterinary nurse for over ten years, spending most of this time in various roles within the charity sector and in specialist veterinary centres. She has industry-leading expertise in animal nutrition and dog owner education. Some notable highlights include being part of the PDSA’s Pet Check mobile veterinary unit and Pet Fit Club, setting up weight management clinics in several veterinary practices.

Amy is our customer experience nutritional team leader, and is a vital source of knowledge and training for the whole team. Amy has two dogs, Lola and Roxy, who are sisters of the same litter from a Rottweiler and Labrador but have very different personalities. Both however, love their food.

Eleonore Hacheme

BSc (Hons) (Food performance nutritionist):

Eleonore is an Animal Science graduate from the University of Nottingham. Following her degree she worked in the pet retail sector initially, and relished giving feeding advice for dogs to the general public. She also consulted on pet behaviour and dog training. Having joined in early 2016, she is now an integral part of our in-house nutrition team, redesigning diets for complex cases and carrying out vital testing and quality controls on all of our diets and raw ingredients.

She recently rescued a shy little Cesky Terrier named Nala, who is now the centre of her attention. Nala is always a willing taste test volunteer when it comes to new foods at

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